Our project for the local community and carbon offsetting

We strive to prevent environmental degradation in the country where we are sending our guests by planting trees in the deforested area. Inle Lake where we are initiating our project had suffered badly from the deforestation and the lake is shallower and shallower day after day. It happened due to the sedimentation of silt and sand brought by feeding creeks into the lake. We are planning to initiate to protect the watershed area of the lake by planting trees in the deforested area. Those projects are being led by their own Community Based Organisation and Trails of Myanmar is supporting them to maximize their benefits by conserving the nature. Every tree that they plant, they get pay for nurturing the plant as well as annual conserving fees for every tree. After two years, we are going to ordain all those trees into religion which we believe no one will cut down anymore since many people in Myanmar are very pious. For the local people benefit, they firstly get paid for every seed that they nurture as well as annual fees for two consecutive years as an incentive for the trees that they look after.


We wanted the local people to be able to benefit more directly from the travellers coming to our country. We plant 10 trees per tourist who travel with Trails of Myanmar travel to compensate carbon emissions from your travel such as from flights, car and boats etc. We are working on an average per person, so these numbers of trees are planted for you regardless of what type of travel you choose for.

We are not claiming that our trips are completely environmentally friendly since it is very difficult to organize a complete environmentally friendly tour. We also understood that it is argumentative to choose the number of trees that we are planting for every of our guest. Nonetheless, we want to make difference and at least try to offset some of the damages caused by our travels. By travelling with Trails of Myanmar Travel, you are not only giving compensation for some of the damage done to the world through flying and driving, you are helping to increase biodiversity and helping directly to the community that you are travelling.