Rare species like tigers, leopards, barking deer and golden deer are still found in some parts of Myanmar. Variety of birds including rare species birds, butterflies and many insects like crickets, buffaloes and cattle can be seen in all over the country.

If you are interested in exploring specific kinds of animals, we can arrange for the trip. There are a number of sanctuaries for birds and wildlife. We can also organize visit to Elephant camps.

Many kinds of fishes and crabs are found in rivers and creeks. There are still many river dolphins in Ayeyarwady River between Mingun and Kyauk Myaung area.

The Flora is varying from evergreen forests, deciduous (e.g. teak) trees to conifers. As Myanmar is covered with wide natural forests, there are many kinds of orchids and other plants in innumerous species. In coastal areas various palm trees and mangroves grow. Any kinds of fruits you imagine grow in Myanmar. Rice, wheat, beans and maize is cultivated.