The Myanmar calendar is based on the lunar cycle, many important holidays are held during full-moon days. The year 2011 is the year 1373 in Myanmar calendar. The western Gregorian calendar is used as well.

Myanmar uses the following measurements:

Miles (1.61 km), foot (30.48 cm) and inches (2.54 cm) for distances.


Gallons (4.55 liters) for liquids.

Viss (1.63 kgs) and Tical (16.3 gramm) for weights.

There are however numerous more ways to measure different items if you go to the market. The metric system is not used widely.

Myanmar as a developing country has a comparably high literacy rate of around 88%. English is spoken only in large cities, especially amongst elder people. The official language Myanmar (Burmese) is widely understood and used all over the country. Most ethnic groups in addition speak their own local dialects and languages.

The country does not meet all the standards of some richer countries when it comes to hygiene.

People from outside of Myanmar don’t know that Myanmar is an exceptionally safe country to travel. Theft and capital crime is negligible. Myanmar has a reputation for safety for foreign visitors.

Standard time in Myanmar is 6.5 hours ahead of GMT

Electricity in theory is 220V, 50 Hz. The supply can be erratic and fluctuating, especially outside of major cities.