The only airport in the Southern Shan State, Heho is just a small town with many farmers growing potatoes in this area. It is also a center of trading cattle. Danu and Taung Yoe tribes live in the area.


It is the capital of Shan State with a population of 300,000. Gems, Cheroot wrapping leaves (Cordia Dichotoma) and garlic trading are the main business. Market day in Taunggyi is very colourful because of the Pa-O tribal people coming from the hills to town.


This area in the territory of Pa-O people is situated 42 km from Taunggyi. About 2500 stupas built probably in the 17 to 18th century are closely aligned in an area of 1 square km. It is possible to hike uphill from Inle Lake to Kakku in a day trip for experienced hikers. The pagoda festival held in March is a special attraction. Cheroot wrapping leaves and garlic plantations are grown in Kakku area.