Situated a 3-hour boat ride from Nyaung Shwe village. The boat trip to the Southern end of Inle Lake and further through a creek before getting to a 2nd lake with Sanghar is fascinating. Highlights are the pagoda ruins from the 17th Century, still un restored on the banks of that Lake. The area is sometimes flooded.

In the Southern part of Inle Lake pottery villages and a lotus robe-weaving village can be visited. 200 stupas at Thakhaung village are worth a visit. You can observe the local distillery method in Thakhaung village.


Market days in Stan State are most attracting to tourists who love to see daily live of ethnic people. Markets in one certain place are not held daily but every other five days. The Feudral Lord of Shan State invented the system. The distance from villages to the market places is quite far, so that sellers and buyers cannot come to the market places everyday. This five-day market system is convenient to local people as well as to the sellers. The market rotates from one village to another and comes back every five days to each place. Markets in Shan State also double as community centers where people meet friends from other villages and exchange news. Food, beverages and most necessities can be bough at the markets. The markets are colourful, tribal people wearing their traditional costumes can be seen. Visitors should not miss the market day while being in Shan State. Click here to see the market day schedule. Myanmar Beaches Due to a lack of development, Myanmar still offers unspoiled, wide beaches with fine sand and clean water. Fishing villages are beside the few resorts. The entertainment usual in other countries does not exist here yet. A great place for long beach walks, reading books and swimming in the ocean. There are a few beautiful resorts that well fit into the surrounding. At all the beaches, seafood can be enjoyed at very moderate cost. Please dress appropriate at the beaches; local people would often even not wear a normal swimming suite but rather pants and T-Shirt when swimming.