Sagaing was reigned by the three Shan brothers after Bagan, but it did not last long. As Sagaing is on the west bank, opposite Mandalay on the bank of Ayeyarwaddy River the two cities are connected with the Sagaing bridges. Originally, British built this bridge on the mighty river in 1927. After suffering from the World War II due to the damage in several parts of the bridge, the Myanmar government repaired in 1954. The old capital built by three Shan brothers was lasted just only 50 years from 1315 AD to 1364 AD and another royal capital was moved to the other bank of the river to “Inwa” and Sagaing remains only as a small city. Major sites worth visiting in Sagaing is nearly 1400- feet- high Sagaing Hill which can be accessible by car, Kaungmudaw Pagoda located outside of the town and Ywa Htaung village for silver smith workshops.