Lacquerware workshops and craftsmen are mostly located in Myinkabar village. You can see all processes of making lacquerware from the start to the end. Basic materials using in lacquerware are bamboo strips and lacquer. Finer and softer lacquers are made from the hair of horsetails. Lacquerware quality in Bagan is quite famous, there is however also a lot of cheap quality produced. Lacquerware can also be bought in Yangon at reasonable prices.


Toddy palms are the symbol of central Myanmar and can grow only in the hot and dry zone. Toddy palms are one of the most valuable plants for people from central Myanmar. Leaves are used as thatched roofs. Toddy bark can be woven into many utensils (e.g. baskets, mats, hats and chairs). In addition, sweet and bitter toddy juice can be extracted from the buds. Sweet toddy juice is used in making snacks and fermented, bitter juice is drunk as an intoxicating spirit.