These floating gardens are also found in Kashmir, Peru and Mexico. But Intha people are wise enough to turn these floating gardens into hydroponics farming. The gardens are formed naturally from the mixture of hyacinth, buoyancy and some decay roots and anchored with bamboo poles in the shallow lake. Mainly tomatoes and gourds are planted on floating gardens.


One may be curious why the Intha people row their boats with legs. It is more powerful, and more suitable to use their traditional fishing method by putting a conical shaped fishing trap into the lake. In addition they can see ahead by standing in reedy area. Intha is the only tribe who row their boat with legs.


The Indein pagoda complex is situated in the Western part of Inle Lake and most archaeologists believe that the pagodas were built between the 17th and 18th Century. There are about 1000 stupas in the area. The boats navigate a narrow stream upstream to Indein pagoda complex, which is an exciting boat ride and requires great skills in navigating. You may stroll around the pagodas and bamboo forests.