Mawlamyaing (Mawlamyine, Moulmein)

mawlamyaingThe place where can be accessible by all means of transport like by car, by railway, by boat and by flight after passing on four big rivers is Mawlamyaing and is also the third big city of Myanmar situated 270 kilometers far south of Yangon. Famous sites to worth visiting in Mawlamyaing are Belu Island, Kaungsay Island, Kyaikthanlan Paya on 40 meter high hill, culture Museum, monasteries on top of the hill side and the main market. Rudyard Kipling, an English Author in 1889 introduced Myanmar with the world by his book, "Letters from the east". He also composed a very long worldly known long verse overlooking the scene of the sea from the high mountain of the pagoda. In the center of town, there is a hill from which one can look over the town, the river and the hinterland. Of course there are a number of Pagodas on that hill. It is amazing to see how green the city is. Looking from above, it seems there is rather forest than a large town. The local buses in town are old-fashioned trucks. If you proceed Mawlamyine (Mawlamyaingsa) it can be accessible to Kyaikmayaw , Mudon and the Win Sein Tawya meditation center and the retreat with 160 meter-long reclining Buddha image.