On the eastern banks of Chindwin River, situated 136 km from Mandalay, lies another trading town for trade with the western part of Myanmar and India. There are several markets. The town is partly rebuilt as there was a large fire 50 years ago. Aside from trading, people live on logging, Kyauka lacquerware, planting various kind of crops such as rice, beans and peanuts. On the outskirts of Monywa is the famous Lei-Di monastery located who’s former head monk was adored by Myanmar Buddhists. A bit out of town is a famous lacquerware manufacturing in the village of Kyaukkha. There is a large copper mine on the other side of the River. It takes around 4 hours from Mandalay by car.


THANBODDHAY PAGODAThe pagoda was built only 60 years ago and features countless Buddha Images and many smaller stupas. It must be taken into account that this Pagoda complex was built during the hardship of the 2nd Worldwar. Usually Lion figures (Chinthe) guard the entrances of Pagodas complex, in this case it’s Elephants carved from Stone.




CHINDWIN RIVERThe Chindwin flows into the Ayeyarwady 80 km further downstream near Pakkoku. It is a wide stream through Monywa town. It originates in the far northwestern part of Myanmar and flows 1,000 km through the plains in Sagain Division in the North East. The Chindwin is the largest tributary to the Ayeyarwady.