Pyay is located on the eastern bank of Ayeyarwaddy river , 161 mile ( 285 kilometer ) away from Yangon City. Among of all cities in Pyu dynasty, Pyay which is known as “Sirikettera”, seem to be the biggest royal capital sometime in the 3rd century. The old royal capital in this day can be seen in ‘Hmaw zar” village, 5 miles from Pyay itself with an archeological museum where one can study priceless ancient artifacts and the relics of the old royal capital. Other sites for the visitors in Pyay are Pyay Shwe HSan Daw stupa, Akauk Taung , the market and the cattle market.

“Pyay Shwe Hsan Daw” stupa is said to be built on a hillock and enshrined with the hair relic of Buddha sine the time of 589 BC. The king of Bagan came to set up a monument in Mon language in 1083. After that renovation was done in 1759. King Alaung Paya, after conquering Pyay in 17th century, hoisted a new umbrella in Myanmar style on the top of original Mon style one and it can significantly be seen double layer on the top of the stupa. Anyway it was the intention of the king as the symbol of unity among the minorities.

Before getting to Pyay, on the side of the motor road there is a small town named “Shwe Taung” where one can drop in an unusual Buddha image wearing eye glasses and it is so called ‘Shwe Hmyet Hman” Image ,


Akauk Taung which is ‘mountain” in Myanmar is also another option of unique site in Pyay. Akauk hill is located in the southwest of on the western banks of Ayeyarwady. One need to drive first to Htone Bo village on a bumpy road and continue on Ayeyarwady river by rented boat for about 45 minutes . Beautiful carving of Buddha in various postures can be witnessed by floating along the mountain side on the boat in Ayeyarwaddy River. Those Buddha images were carved on the river banks by boat men who stay there overnight during their journey. The boat ride on the Ayeyarwady itself is a pleasant trip where one can see the daily life of the people staying around the river.